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Professor Bellows

Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the best time to come?

Weekdays in November are the best time to visit. The closer to Christmas the busier the mall gets. Weekends are the busiest. Although, with the appointments, we strive to make the process as smooth as possible for any day you make your appointment.

Do we need to purchase a photo??

Yes. If you use any form of recording device (camera, phone, camcorder) a minimum purchase is required.

What will Santa wear for my visit?

Santa wears his workshop clothes which consist of a fun holiday themed shirt, suspenders, velveteen pants, colorful socks and Birkenstocks. Santa visits everyone inside so there is no need for his sleigh wear.

When are pet nights?

Santa will be hosting pet nights at the Mall of America on the first two Sundays in December at 7:30 pm. Pet nights operate on a first-come-first-served basis. No appointments will be taken for pet nights. Please check to download all forms that your pet will need for entrance to the mall.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

We understand things come up, illness, weather, etc. If you are unable to book another appointment we can put you on a waiting list. We do everything we can to try to fit families in if we have any cancelations.

Will we have to wait if we have an appointment?

Everyone that sees Santa has an appointment. In order to accommodate all the families that want to see Santa we book several appointments per time slot. So generally there is a wait, usually it is less than a half hour.

If I'm coming with another family do we need to book separate appointments?

Yes. If you are seeing Santa separately or together it is best to book different appointments to make sure Santa is able to spend quality time with each child. We do book several appointments per time slot so most likely you can book them for the same time.

Do you take walk-ins?

It is always best to book your appointment prior to coming to the Mall of America but in some cases we may be able to book a same day appointment if we have any openings.

What if my child is scared or won't sit on Santa's Lap?

After 15 plus years of taking pictures with Santa we have developed some tricks to get great photos with Santa. We will spend a reasonable amount of time working with nervous children.